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Breastfeeding Boosters

Our Breastfeeding Booster Blend includes natural galactogogues like brewer's yeast, flaxseed, oats and oatmilk which are all known to help stimulate a mother's milk production. All of our treats are fenugreek free.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will your order ship?

Turnaround time is the amount of time it takes your order to be made for you and shipped out. We like to have orders shipped out within 5 business days. Depending on order quantity and seasonality, local orders may be ready for pick up sooner.

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Our Menu

Our menu began with one of Grandma's recipes and other favorite treats of Ginger's. We rotate some flavors and products seasonally, for variety and due to seasonal limitations with shipping. We love feedback, please connect with us and share any great flavor ideas! You may see your idea on our menu!

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  • Turnaround Time

    Orders are shipped out within 5 business days!

    Shipping is a flat rate

  • Collaborate with us!

    We love to collaborate with other small businesses with our monthly giveaway, we are active with local events, and love to participate in many social media groups. Reach out to us!

  • Connect with us!

    If you want to connect with us and join our growing community of thousands of supportive breastfeeding mamas, follow us on Facebook and join our support group!