Results May Vary

As is the case with just about everything, results may vary. We are not medical professionals and encourage you to check with your doctor regarding your diet. We are simply excited to share the treats that Ginger created. That said, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding increased milk production after enjoying our treats. We didn't invent the galactagogues we use, but we think we have figured out how to make them taste great when included in our baked treats. Ginger's "Breastfeeding Booster Blend" includes ingredients that are known to be safe and for generations have been known to stimulate milk production in lactating mothers.

  • Kelsey D shared this with us:

    "Literally doubled my output!!!  And super delish?! I can’t wait to order more !! "

  • Hannah F said:

    "Your treats have helped me up my supply to where my donor baby is being covered daily with just breast milk  along with my sweet little nursling  This was my first pump after eating my treats"

  • From Hannah J:

    "Girl! Your treats are amazing!! Seriously after 1 cookie I seen a difference to where I now have enough freezer stash for when I go to work! I was very interested to see if they actually worked and they do!! And there sooo good! Thank you!!!"

  • Jamie R shared this surprise:

    "had two for bfast ... leaking through my bra and pads, SOAKED through"

  • Shannon O:

    "Thank you so much! It's only been two days eating the treats and I've noticed a big difference! This morning I pumped 5.5 oz! That's half my days production. Usually I'd get 2 oz each pump. I was losing help and considering quitting. So happy I found you!"

  • Emily G:

    "These treats are amazing! I am producing 1-2, sometimes 3 oz more a pump. They also taste amazing and are affordable. By far the best! "


  • Charity R:

    "Got my first order this week! They was amazing, great taste, didn't fall apart, soft, and worked!!!! After 2 servings I woke up the morning with a flooded bed now 3 days later anytime I get "excited" I fill up to the point it hurts lol. So happy with these cookies. Will be ordering more products from her "

  • Alexis L: 

    "I received my first order yesterday and WOW!!! Not only are they sooo delicious but I woke up extremely FULLLL and was able to satisfy my baby without supplementing. Thank you soo much!!!"

  • Kaitlyn S:

    "Last night I had two treats back to back and about 20 mins later I had a third(yes, sweets are my weakness )
    Well after nursing my little man, I pumped the opposite side, and got 3.5 ounces which I froze! THE BEST PART!
    An hour later I felt full again, pumped that same side and got 4.5 ounces as pictured!!
    That’s 8 ounces in an an hour and a half!  These treats work!!"

  • Amethyst N:

    "These treats are definitely huge helpers in keeping my milk supply up. I came back to work after 6 weeks of being PP and I’ve been working for a month this is huge for me. I can usually get a 5.5 oz bag of milk filled per pump session but anytime I have 2 or 3 of my Ginger’s Bread & Treats, I can usually get close to 2 bags of 5.5 oz filled. Between these treats and staying hydrated and feeding/pumping as much as I physically can my transition with being back to work has been a little easier. Thank you for these amazing delicious treats!"

  • Jane M:

    "My milk fat was close to nothing and my babes weight dropped to the point of almost being labeled failure to thrive at her 2 week appointment, I started eating goodies from Ginger’s Bread and Treats and after 10 days my girl gained over 1lbs 3 oz!"

  • Ashley S:

    "They are by far the best not only tasting but working ones I’ve ever tried! And I’ve tried tons with my 4 different kids! The cookies are my favorite but everything she makes is delicious. I’m not a huge pumper just because I exclusively breastfeed on demand all day but I TRY to pump one or two times a day and it has doubled my supply! I can’t say enough good things about them"

  • Kate A:

    "On my journey of trying to produce more, I found Ginger's bakery for lactation treats and thought "what the hell, why not try". I will say I give her business 5 stars. Before her treats I was only producing 1oz combined between both breasts and it was super "watery" non fatty milk. I'm now producing 3oz and it's creamier and fattier! My girl drinks 4-5oz every 3-4 hours so I'm SO close to creating enough to get her off formula! I only have to give 2-3oz of formula instead of the whole feed. That is huge in my eyes.
    I've tried almost every single thing she offers and they are all so good."